Ok peeps, I have 2 CDM-8905 that I'm trying to read the settings from. I bought a new cable, found drivers, and have a working CDMA & DFS program. I can't connect to either phone, I even tried bitpim, nogo. I know CDMA Workshop and DFS work with my IPhone, so I ruled that out. Rich H. was nice enough to forward me a second set of drivers which we all can count on being like gold. So, getting to the point, I'm thinking that the 8905 might have a different pinout then the rest of the 89xx series. With as little to no info avail on these, can anyone verify that the pinouts are the same as the rest of the 89xx series. I did find a link to the PST & drivers dedicated to the 8905, but it turned out to be an old/doa link.

Many Thanks in advance,