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Thread: ZTE Anthem n910

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    ZTE Anthem n910

    i have been messing around with my phone using cdma ,qpst, qxdm, and dfs,......just learning what i can and cant do...well i managed to mess it up and dont know how to fix it!!!! maybe u awesome people can help!!

    so some how i was messing with my phone in cdma workshop ,,,,,i cleared the meid to all zeros not sure how and then in an attempt to fix it
    i enterd the wrong meid and now the phone wont work metro telling me its now an lg optimus......and they wont give me the *#983........ number for me to be able to access the menu......i have searched the web and cant find any answers on this darn phone..
    it seems like it would be an easy fix since everything else is easy to get to....the bootloader is unlocked and the nv nvm files are all unlocked also
    sooo....maybe can someone help me repair my meid or suggest how.....i know that its a touchy subject so if you dont want to post in the forum please message me any help or suggestions would be awesome... please dont say google it because i have and i can not find any info on this phone..i dont think it was real popular but i like it

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    did you fix it? *983*87274# is the number to get in the back menu for my ZTE Avid 4g. how do you get your meid to zero out? I think you can put one back with dfs if it's zero out.

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