I have an LG Neon TE365F on Fido. The screen has gone out, but otherwise the phone is still functioning. I want to get my contacts off of it.

I have the PC Sync (LG Mobile Sync) application on my computer, and I have the appropriate USB cable. According to the user manual, I need to set the USB connection mode on the phone to "Data Service" mode. I need to know the exact sequence of key presses to do this (since I can't see the screen!).

This is what I have so far, from the standby screen:
"OK" to bring up main menu
"9" to go to "Settings" menu
"6" to go to "Connection" (or "Connectivity"?) menu

...then I need to go to "USB connection" and then select "Data Service", but I don't know what keys to press to do these last steps. Help!

Alternative ideas about getting the contacts off the phone with a dead screen are also welcome.