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Thread: Anybody on Next G here ?

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    Anybody on Next G here ?

    I keep coming back here thinking there would be some new topics from people trying Next G. I don't see anything. I'm on Page Plus was contemplating trying NG. I go two different places 3 or 4 times a year that having post paid towers would be nice. I was hoping somebody trying them could verify that. I'm have 2 phones on PP $55 plan but NG $50 plan would be fine for me and save $10 depending on where you purchase pins . I have a extra droid I may just activate next time I head to Dad's and find out for sure about the towers and such. Anybody already
    testing the water feel free to let us procrastinators know.

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    I'm a Next G dealer. I'll try to help if I can.

    I'm sure you know Next G uses Verizon towers so any issues you have with PP you'll have with Next G.
    Next G Mobile Authorized Dealer

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