Alltel was the biggest carrier in michigan, at least where I am located, until they sold out to verison. Now, I own 3 phones that will no longer operate in this area. Looking to sell them if anyone is interested.
1. MOTOROLA VE20 RAZOR like new used it to tether my computer for internet. It was considered the fastest phone for internet back then. It's been about 3 years since alltel left us.
2. LG AX585 ALLTEL SLIDER also called rhythum, pretty phone but does show some wear
3. motorola I don't know what this phone is called. It's also a slider phone, it is square to fit nicely in a pocket and has a full qwuarty keyboard. also shows some wear, paint worn around edges, same as the rhythum.
All phones still function very well, none take sim cards. I would like to sell all three if anyones still on alltel network. I contacted them and they said yes these phones will still work and they even still sell them. I will provide pictures if anyone is interested. text 231-527-8320