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Thread: How to delete the history (record) list of URLs under "Enter URL" in the LG840G???

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    How to delete the history (record) list of URLs under "Enter URL" in the LG840G???

    Hello. Nice to meet you all! I have a question I need answer to and I have done some searching online and I cannot find an answer to, yet someone here many indeed have the answer for me.

    I own now for the first time a entry level Smartphone, the LG840G mobile phone with Tracfone as my carrier. (Yes, some of you many not classify this mobile phone as a genuine Smartphone and others will. For sake of argument, lets classify it as a Smartphone.) I am very happy with this Smartphone so far. I have learned a lot and am still learning. There is something I need answered.

    My question: When one uses the native web browser (NOT the much discussed and popular Opera Mini web browser) with the LG840G, how does one delete of the history or record list of URLs under "Enter URL"??? [Steps: "Browser" -> Menu Icon in upper right corner -> "Enter URL"] There is a list of all of the websites one has visited.

    Yes, I have deleted the following:

    1. "Recent Pages" found under the menu icon where I deleted each webpage individually so I end up with a "No Recent Pages".

    2. "Settings" -> "Cache" -> "Clear Cache" with the "Allow Cache" set to OFF.

    3. "Settings" -> "Cookies" -> "Delete Cookies" with the "Allow Cookies" set to OFF.

    ...and I have restarted (powered OFF/ON) the LG840G still seems to keep that history or record list of URLs I have visited under "Enter URL".

    Please tell me how to delete the history or record list of URLs under "Enter URL"???

    Please reply.

    Thank you!
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    Hello. I am back.

    After several hours testing by trial and error, I have determined there is a solution, but not the one I had hoped for! I am going to present the facts and not be long winded.

    1. There is "exclusive" NO URL history erase, deletion capability/feature/option with the LG840G unlike other mobile phones that DO offer this capability/feature/option.

    2. It CAN be done (erase or delete the URL history) with the LG840G, however it requires to delete the "Phone" memory storage location which will wipe out all the phone's data exlcuding the data on your micro SD card like audio, ringtones, pictures and video.

    3. There are 3 storage locations with the LG840G: "Phone" memory storage location, "SIM" card memory storage location and the micro SD card storage location. Again, leave the micro SD card out of this since it maintains the audio, ringtones, pictures, and video. However, keep the "Phone" and "SIM" card memory storage locations in mind because they work in tandem with one another with the data with the LG840G.

    4. When you erase and delete the URL history of the LG840G, you will lose all personal settings, configurations, and customizations and your long list of "Contacts" one personally created IF you do not make a copy from your "Phone" storage location to your "SIM" storage location. When you do make a copy of your Contacts to your SIM card , and you erase or delete the URL history (technically, your "phone" storage location), you will STILL HAVE your Contacts on your SIM card. After you are done erasing/deleting your HRL history of the LG 840G, I recommend that you copy back from your "SIM" storage location, your "Contacts" to the "Phone" storage location. Reason: So if one or the other storage location gets disrupted or corrupted, you will still have your "Contacts" in your other storage location.

    5. Unfortunately, following the erasure or deletion of your URL history of the LG840G, you will STILL HAVE to redo your personal settings, configurations, and customizations all over again. Not fun, but not the time consuming torture of having to rebuild your "Contacts" again!

    I hope this helps.

    Take care!

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    This problem is a rather big deal and I'm glad that someone else finally brought it up. I can't believe people are just OK with it. No reason whatsoever the end user should be relegated to formatting the device to remove tracfone's hijacking/mining of the users data history. You'll notice that the same practice is used with texting. There is a list of every person you have ever texted (the same contacts listed several times in the send to list) being kept also with no way to delete. This is essentially strong arming science/technology itself to take posession of your personal data/history via the illusion of Intellectual Property rights.

    This is most likely accomplished via the proprietary lockdown of various areas of the phone. If you can delete your browsing history from the search engine you use with tracfone then why is it that you cannot delete the url history tht you type into the tracfone search bar? Why not allow access to delete this? It's your data. What's it worth to tracfone to mine this stuff and not let the end user delete his or her data? Who else would like that data? People use their devices for all sorts of personal business. Education, finace, health iresearch and just a wealth of personal things. It's their business. It's not tracfone's right to harvest it then tell you that you cannot access it and subsequently delete it and then do heaven knows what with it with/for whomever they choose just because they think they can.

    Was reading the thread about net 10 and having their service shut off because they used too much data on a theoretical unlimited data plan. That's another one that just baffles me to no end that people are just ok with this practice.

    Seems like folks are ok with a lot of things that this company does that really aren't OK. Don't know if it's because they get a free phone and don't care or what but this disregard is not helping matters for those who value their data/privacy. Many go out of their way to make romper room excuses for the practice that don't hold an ounce of water, I've noticed.

    Good job in explaining the problem though. I brought this up (and many other problems with this device) when it first came out on the market. Not a peep from anyone. All that was talked about was silly cases and dumb games that were referenced as "apps". This is how it is allowed to continue with future devices, unfortunately. With every other real provider this kind of thing wouldn't last a single day. End user has full control over their personal data with other providers and if this kind of thing did happen they'd be in court quicker than you could blink.
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