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Thread: Good or Bad : Sony Experia Ion

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    Good or Bad : Sony Experia Ion

    I was going to suggest to a friend of mine to maybe get an Sony Experia Ion and am not sure what people think about this phone. My other choice for him is a Samsung Galaxy III but it will cost him ab out $150 more than the Sony at $99. Which is the better choice and why??

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    The xperia Ion has ATROCIOUS battery life issues, as well as being a non-replaceable one. My boyfriend has one and I can never reach him because its always dead. The xperia U is a little better about that, and at least has the option of buying extra batteries to carry if one gets drained you can switch it out, but the Ion is just a brick. What good is all the fancy if it isn't available for use when you need it?

    I would recommend the Samsung - they have become what Sony used to be as far as product reliability and design. SONY has been dropping the ball right and left lately (and I used to be Sony Fangirl supreme - there was a time when everything electronic in my house was a sony. Now I just don't trust their manufacturing anymore since they are actually rebranding other products like LG as their own. Nowhere near the solid track record they had before 2000. About the only solid bet from Sony is a Vaio, if that anymore...)

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