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Thread: So how could/ should I do this?

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    So how could/ should I do this?


    I have been a Sidekick fan since the beginning of their existence. They have been pretty much defunct for years and that of course, has made me extremely sad over the years, not really, but that was one of my dream phones to own. I wanted a sidekick lx 2009 at the peak of their season, but then that hot mess of a famous data outage had to happen and almost everything went ca-put. I know I'm rambling on, but here is my question. If all I want is prepaid voice and messaging on a 3G network with a sidekick lx 2009, how should I go about doing it? I know simple mobile used to be big on using sidekicks, but it doesn't seem that way anymore since they have been pushing and marketing data usage for such a long time. Are there any other prepaid deviants/ plans that would allow me to pay for just voice and messaging on this device? We all know I'm not trying to get on the internet with this thing, so that is not what I'm looking for. Just voice and messaging. Any suggestions/ anyone know what to do or how I should go about this?

    P.S. Even if it's JUST voice and text, I would be content with that as well.
    I'll get there, in due time.

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    Re: Poor signal using palm pixi on pageplus

    I would say to look into the spot mobile 24.99 plan that offers unlimited talk and text without data included.

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    Or consider the new LycaMobile - if you don't activate data, and stick to $10 at a time.

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