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Thread: HTC Touch Pro2 - How to get streaming radio with Opera

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    HTC Touch Pro2 - How to get streaming radio with Opera

    I have a Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 and Opera 9.7 and would like to stream radio through the browser.

    When I navigate to or I get a popup that says I need to get the Adobe Flash Player, but when I click OK the Adobe website says "Adobe Flash Player - Sorry Adobe Flash Player is not available from for your device's operating system or browser".

    How do I get a Flash Player for opera that will allow me to stream FM radio through my smartphone?


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    This might work:

    And it may work in IE but not Opera.

    And if it doesn't work, you could do some more searching. Search on terms like ".cab windows mobile flash"

    Personally, in WM devices, I just use a media player and download the stream file from a directory like

    This is much easier than using Flash players IMHO.

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    you can download latest mobile Flash player on his own site and install it.

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