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Thread: Smartphone Mobile HotSpot works?

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    Smartphone Mobile HotSpot works?

    I have uverse wifi at $50 a month and that is too expensive. I do have hotspot feature on my Galaxy s2 and was thinking of cancelling my uverse and use my phone hotspot. I have a 5gb hotspot feature. My concern is reaching my high speed data threshold(5gb) at which point they'll reduce the bandwidth. I rarely go past 2GB of data on my phone plan which is unlimited. Will i regret it if i use my hotspot as my home internet?

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    I've been using Smartphone Mobile HotSpot for many years on t-zone ;
    obviously, it is not suitable to use to watch Netflix everyday!
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    The problem is you will hit the 5gb limit during your billing cycle. I hit it now about 20 days in because I am downloading emails to my phone. When I used it as a home internet replacement without the mobile email, it hit it at about day 20 as well. It still works after that, but too slow for netflix.

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