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Thread: import phones on T-Mobile

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    import phones on T-Mobile

    I was looking at getting the Star Galaxy Note but from the looks of this i would be lucky to get edge speeds. Can someone explain what I should be looking for when I am looking for a phone that would get full 4G HSDPA? I have a Samsung Exhibit but the wifi reception is non-existent so i have to carry 2 phones i was looking for an upgrade...GSM phones are quite a bit more expensive I have noticed

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    Re: import phones on T-Mobile

    For "traditional" T-Mobile HSPA your phone must support AWS (1700mhz). Be careful, european 3g band is 2100/1700, this is not aws. (The 1700 in both is intentional, it allows the phone to use the same antenna for european 3g band and aws.)

    Refarmed T-Mo HSPA is at 1900. T-Mo EDGE is at 1900. For US roaming, you'll want 850 (also called 800 sometimes), AT&T etc. have 850 only markets, and AT&T does have markets with 850 and 1900 where they have service at both, but all control channels at 850 (so a phone without 850 won't work even though some 1900 channels exist.)

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