So at the end of last year, I switched from an Iphone4 to an SIII. Part of my plan with rogers was some sort of Iphone addon plan I got when I received my original Iphone3G that, at the time, I was required to have for complete Iphone functionality. When I switched to an SIII I removed the Iphone addon. Unfortunately I did this online and didn't realize that it also some how included my SMS plan nested within. I started getting charged $.25 per text from that point on and didnt realize it until about a month and a half later when I got my bill.

I called rogers and spoke with several different people from different departments and eventually they decided it was my fault but because it wasnt intentional they would try and help me out. At that time the person I was talking to said should would give me a $50 credit on my account and then send the info to another department for them to review and decide how much to credit me further and that I would have a response in a few days.

That all happened on new years so i figured it might take a bit longer. I waited two weeks and saw no changed to my account. I called again and eventually found someone interested in helping me. I gave them the reference number from the original conversation. They said nothing had been done on their end since the previous call. I said I want it resolved as we speak and after talking with his supervisor the guy agreed to take off 50% of the text related overages. I said fine. He said my bill will be changed in the next day or two. That was 2 weeks ago. I check my bill online every day and nothing has changed.

Clearly they don't care to follow through on anything they say. I haven't paid my bill since these outrageously high charges were added and they said they will suspend my service as of Feb 2. What can I do to get some results?