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Thread: sharp Sh 10 C 3d tool and some other questions

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    sharp Sh 10 C 3d tool and some other questions

    Hi to all,
    i have few question about the sharp sh 10 c. This is my first Japanese Cell Phone, and i really love it.

    I've recived the phone some days ago and i'm very happy with it, but i ve some questions:

    1-Yesterday i was playng with the phone trying to figure out all the function and i come accorss a 3d adjustment tool, but i can't find again this function.
    I'l try to explain better what i mean (sorry for my english, i konw that it's not so good! ).

    It's a sort of manual "3d angle of view adjustment", so it's not the 3d parallax adjustment that is automatic (strong-normal etc...). Help!!

    2-I've putted some mld ringtones and gif images in my micro sd card. Should i everytime put the files that i want to use (for example as a ringtone) in the "acquired Data" folder?

    3- Where is it possible to found complete themes for this phone (not only gif background images) ?-----------Solved (i-mode only )

    4-in the folder "stand by accessory" is preinstalled a stand by theme called "USAVICH". It's funny and very good looking in 3d view. I'd like to know where is possible to download other stand by themes like this one (and if it's possible of course).----

    Thank You very much! D
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