Hello, just picked up a Rugby II (ATT) and am wanting to run it on TMo. It is already unlocked and my SIM allows me to make and receive voice and basic text, but I cannot get it configured for MMS. One time I was able to send a pic but have never been able to receive one and can't even duplicate that now. I have only been working in the Network Profile menu.

I started with this page: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DO...oredirect=true

I have tried all sorts of the settings listed with no success. Here are the settings:

Set Name
Access Name
Auth Type (None, Normal, Secure)
User ID (gray when none selected)
Password (gray when none selected)
Protocol (HTTP, WAP, Other)
Home URL (only when WAP or HTTP selected)
Gateway Address (only when WAP selected)
Proxy Address (only when HTTP selected)
Linger time (defaulted at 300 sec)
Advanced settings (don't think I need anything in here)

Can someone please help? I have been trying to get this working and it's frustrating me now.