Well, long story short and pathetic attempt at coles notes.

Call in twice to receive the 50 dollar shopping gift card

Second time call again, since, I got disconnected while trying to speak with a supervisor

Sales person by the name of John Dickson received my call.

Vented to John. John said he will give an offer I can't refuse due to the problems a while earlier(disconnected, arguing with an agent over the false advertising of the 50 dollar gift card)

John said that I can get 3 lines with the 10 gig family plan for a grand total of 163.88, bottom line with all three lines with value packs fee waived..

I told john that this is too good to be true. He said that it is true.

I asked John if I can retrieve an id number for this call, I have to discuss this with the wife (this is while we are in the car going to a pre-planned meeting.) He said no, offer void if I hang up the call.

I keep talking. My wife stated if that is the final price, good to have a 3rd phone. (We have the North American Calling on both lines)

I mentioned that if I switch over, I will lose my plan that is no longer offered. I also have 50 percent off credit that will fall off if switched over, I had the ID number for an offer previous with the condition of the credit falling off. John said, his offer is better. After little more discussion and still cynical, John assured me that this is the bottom line with no credits applied, nothing to hide. And for good measure, will waive the 35 dollar fee and a 50 dollar goodwill credit.

I spoke with the wife right then and we both agreed to the offer.

While later, my wife called in, wanting to change the phone. Did a breakdown of what was offered with Lenora, via 800 number.

Found out after the fact that he only gave us the regular priced 10 gig family plan with no discounts to value packs, the 3rd line had no value pack added (no 35 dollar fee discounts), and that he quoted me the final price with the the half off credit still applied (John specifically stated after tax price with no credits, special offer only). Lenora, that my wife spoke too was very sympathetic. She stated not only that John did not offer anything special, but the way he uphold the sales call with pressure tactics with "no deal if you hang up" tactic, is wrong.

Spoke with retentions. 1.5 hours later, found out that the plan I had prior does not exist. Offered me a (comparable) plan. I have to admit, the retentions call person was pretty sympathetic and was pretty disgusted as to what just transpired). Offered me the family 10gig shared with the 35 dollar us calling ad on at half price, free value packs for the life of the commitment and will try to extend the 50 percent off the base plan for the life of the commitment as well, for a grand total of 140 and some cents. I am still pissed at the offer. I cannot even sell this plan down the road if I wanted to (to get out of contract)

I am so pissed at the sales team. I had filed a complaint with the Sales Team supervisor. Also filed a CCTS complaint for the pressure tactics used for the duration of the cal with John DIcksonl. I was told to wait for a supervisor to call back before I file a complaint to the OOP.


Entire call duration 2h35m.