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Thread: question before buying a panasonic keitai

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    Exclamation question before buying a panasonic keitai

    my first keitai was fujitsu's f-01c, absolutely loved it until the day it was stolen...
    after using an "american" smartphone for a while, i'm starting to miss having a keitai, yet i don't want to spend 600 CAD or more. last year, i bought the new sh-01c to replace my keitai, but i noticed it was lighter. it felt very plastic and cheap in my hands, something i didn't find appealing.
    i asked a friend about it, and she said that sharp keitais are usually pretty light.

    i fell in love with the p-06c, but i'm extremely worried it'll be like my sh-01c which is collecting dust somewhere in my room ;___;
    anyone who has owned panasonic ketais know about how they feel in your hands?
    thanks in advance ;v;

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    the Keitai Panasonic are wonderful!
    I fall for the new series ELUGA, especially for the Eluga V P-06D.
    I tested the Eluga P-04D, and I found it much nicer than the Samsung models. they have good finishes, they are elegant and efficient (the menu of the camera is amazing, it seems that this is a Lumix!) ... love it!
    Sharp is good, Panasonic is better.

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