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Thread: Rezound. GPS won't stay active.

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    Rezound. GPS won't stay active.

    On my Rezound, I can turn on gps and it works immediately and finds a signal quickly. However, when I try to use Navigator or Maps or any other program requiring gps, it just churns looking for location. I downloaded GPS Test. It shows exactly how many and which satellites my device is seeing. It shows that I'm seeing at least 7 or 8 sats very quickly, gives my correct location, but then gps turns itself off about a minute later.

    Is there a setting somewhere for gps timeout in ICS? Is anyone else having this problem or have a suggestion?


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    I'll answer my own question in a follow-up to this thread.

    After spending time on the phone with Verizon tech support and HTC tech support and resetting my phone to factory twice and generally getting frustrated, I discovered the solution myself. I don't like this solution, nor do I think it is appropriate, but it works.

    On my previous Motorola Droid X, I set my location services to Verizon location only. I assumed that this location service used the cell towers as a "neighborhood" location for me. But, that was good enough to find fuel stops, eating places, campgrounds, etc. It got me within a couple of miles of my actual specific location. When I needed to be more specific, as in using Maps or Navigation, I'd switch on the gps.

    Doing that with my HTC Rezound caused problems. It didn't work. GPS was erratic, phone never had a location for Gas Buddy, or campground apps, etc.

    Solution: I had to turn on Google Location services. Now, everything works as it should. I don't like it, don't think it should have to be that way, but at least the phone is now functional for location. Now, when I turn on gps, it works as it should and stays on like it is supposed to.

    I think it's amazing how the cell carriers, the phone manufacturers, the software developers, and the marketing companies can all coordinate their efforts to achieve their ultimate goal. In this case, HTC and Google designing the software to virtually force the user to turn on their marketing capabilities in order for the phone to function properly.

    There are other examples, like the Jelly Bean update doing what the FCC wouldn't allow Verizon to do with regards to using FoxFi and other tethering apps. Verizon basically says to Google, I can't ban their software in your store, but if you want to do business with me you'll make the app non-functional in your operating system. But, that's a discussion for another time and place.

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