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Thread: Wireless home phone but still need wired for buzzer system

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    Wireless home phone but still need wired for buzzer system

    When I upgraded my cell phone equipment the salesman sold me on a wireless home phone unit which actually saves me a few bucks every month. But when I got it home I remembered I have a buzzer on my front gate that taps into the phone system in the house. Naturally, switching to a wireless system pretty much removes the gate from the phone line.

    In the house I have (had) 1 base unit plugged into the phone jack. From there, there's 4 other handsets spread out around the house. When someone buzzed the gate, all the phones rang and I was able to buzz them in from any handset. It's a 1920's house which was never wired for a phone. The base lives on the ground floor which is the only place a phone wire comes in. Hence the wireless system throughout.

    Question, is there a phone that allows for 2 inputs? 1 from the wired gate and another from the wireless phone unit which will ring all handsets from whichever of the 2 inputs is calling?

    Another option is I could always have 1 phone in the house dedicated to the wired system and all the others connected to the wireless but that restricts all gate calls to that one phone.

    Thanks for the help
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