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Thread: I learn something new about the word "Contract" today

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    I learn something new about the word "Contract" today

    Have been a Rogers customer for a bit more than 3.5 years. Been with Telus before for 18+ years. My first contract with Rogers that is to expire on March 31, 2012. On Jan 20, I phone in & inquire about adding data to my plan. I didn't take his offer. Phone in Jan 25 to retention & was offer
    250 outgoing minutes
    Unlimited incoming call
    Unlimited Text message
    Enhanced voice mail
    6 pm evening & weekend free
    6G BB data
    for a total of 65.92 tax included

    I have the whole conversation recorded myself

    The bill in Feb is right, after that I was not charged what I agreed to. I have not go over my minutes.
    Phone in April & inform customer service about that & got transferred to retention again. They fixed me up again. Then bill come, again still not right. Been busy for a few months & have time to phone in yesterday & retold the story again. After talking with them for over an hour (with most of the time holding for them to look up the detail of the note, they said they are right & I agree to it). I told I have the recording & can send them my prove. I just don't have the time anymore to hold on to talk to a supervisor.

    I have sometime this afternoon, I phone in again & ask for retention again to resolve the problem. However this guy at customer service said he can deal with it. I told the whole story again & was told I only will have the discount honor but not my price? I have not change anything on my account, my understanding is the amount will be the same if I do not go over my plan usage during my contact period. He told me if the price plan increase my cost will increase accordingly. He told me the quoted price is an estimate only. Although English is not my first language but I know what is the difference with quote & an estimate. He further told me that the Rogers wireless contract is different with my understanding of a contract. I have the whole conversation recorded. Please help me out & give me suggestions to resolved this problem with Rogers!

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    File complaint with CCTS.

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