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I have personally nothing against virtual keyboards but there are not very suitable in my work. Believe me, it is rather difficult and time consuming to try to do technical configurations ( computer code, etc. ) with a virtual keyboard. You just cannot type anything wrong and you have use a lot of special characters. And obviously, you cannot use auto-correction on this =D. ( A lot of SMS messages to colleagues also contain technical stuff that _must_ be typed correctly ).

So I stick using to my current phone until something new comes out with a physical qwerty.
( Its slow but it works. )
I am in essentially the same boat. Virtual keyboards are fine for text in a natural language, not so much for an ssh session into a server to type a complex set of commands or a code snippet. I also tend to put stuff like that in email.

The Samsung Captivate Glide is another choice in addition to the Droid 4. Not any better really. At least it has a removable battery. There are also large 3000+ mAh aftermarket batteries for it.