A company I was purchasing from claimed not to have received my fax. When I did fax I noticed that the display on my fax machine changed during the transmission from "connecting to 866-xxx-xxxx" to "faxing page 1 to 416-539-xxxx". Today a test to their same number did the same thing. A test to elsewhere did not change the number onscreen. They did not immediately recognize the number and nowhere near their area code (and said they use Cogeco), so we worried their line or settings were maybe hijacked and faxes were forwarded to a third party. Later on they explained as follows: [Our toll-free#] could fax to one number today and a different number tomorrow or 5 minutes from now. It is entirely up to Bell Canada fax servers as to which number answers the fax. Unfortunately some servers will not send to others and they drop the call.

Are Cogeco and Bell related? Is there such thing as these "fax servers"?