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Thread: How to update the SH-06D 2.3.5 to ICS ?

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    How to update the SH-06D 2.3.5 to ICS ?

    My Phone is done official unlock from DOCOMO I've try Update via WIFI and SD-Card It's always say : Failed to start update. Due to no network or roaming. but I'm already connected to WIFI and 3G

    any ideas?

    2.3.5 is very laggy


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    Before being able to perform the major update (from 2.3.5 to 4.0.4) you need to have the most recent software build - and that update can only be performed in Japan (not roaming) and on Docomo. The major update itself should not be locked to non-roaming and on Docomo but it might be. Either way, the only way for you to update to ICS is to send your phone to Japan.

    In your case, you need to have build version 01.00.07 before you can try to do the major update.
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    thanks Cheeseus

    very bad news for me keep using 2.3.5 until go to Tokyo again next year too bad but thanks for the information

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    Hy, i want to introduce my self, im mono from indonesia, my phone is Sharp aquos sh-06d... but now it's can't switch on again due the damage software. please help me to find the firmware or the way how to make my phone can on again. i damned love this kind of phone. please your best advise. thank's before

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