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Thread: How to put ads in live wallpapers?

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    How to put ads in live wallpapers?

    I can't find any profitable advertising solutions for Android live wallpapers.

    Push ads and app icons are no longer allowed by Google, so they are not an option anymore.

    The only available place to put ads in live wallpapers seems to be the settings screen. I have talked to several companies like Adsmobi, Tapit, Inneractive and Appbrain. They only have ad solutions for the settings screen. These are probably never profitable, since the settings screen is not used that much in a free live wallpaper. Our free live wallpapers have the options in the settings screen disabled. The users can buy the full versions to enable these options. I have implemented Appbrains solution, but it generated very small revenue, eventhough the downloads numbers were high.

    Does anyone know a profitable ad solution for live wallpapers?

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    Why would someone like to add ads in live wallpaper. Ads on live wallpapers are so annoying.

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    0 can help you

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    Download the app from the App Store here
    Open intoLive and load up the clip of your choice
    Find the right part of the footage and choose the duration for the Live Wallpaper
    Save the video as a Live Photo

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