I have setup my gnex on PCM and it works okay, a few glitches here and there

right now I'm trying to receive facebook notifications but it's not working

I receive a message, left the phone on the table for 15 minute waiting for it to buzz or beep or turn on the RGB notification LED but nothing

I open the phone, hit the facebook app, there is my message

I have wifi disabled btw

my data connection is setup like this ->

Name: Petro
apn: Goam.com
port: 80
username: Wapuser1
password: Wap

I have set it to disable data at 1.8gb data per month so I'm not going to have any bad surprises

I don't have autoproxy nor proxy droid working (yet)

is the PCM proxy blocking facebook from pushing notifications to my phone ?

do I need to tell the facebook app to somehow pull the notification every minute (battery draining )

should I just setup a proxy or vpn already ?

my only other issue so far is that when I go to Google Play, I have to hit retry a couple of time before it does anything, also if I push apps from my PC, they won't autodownload unless I turn on my phone, go in the google play app and hit "retry" then it works just fine, just a minor annoyance

I am thinking of just getting a MIFI with a separate data plan, it's a shame that PCM doesn't just have a straight up data plan and they have to do this meddling with the connection, why oh why do they resize some pictures to an absurdly low resolution like 300px by 150px, this is not really usable

on the voice chat side I'm fine, I barely use 30 minutes of my 100 minutes