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Thread: Help with flashing a Samsung Conquer 4g

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    Help with flashing a Samsung Conquer 4g

    I've never tried this and i'm curious as to what software to use. I see a number of companies who want money but for things like this there has to be freeware. I jailbroke my iphone for free but I can't seem to find pertinent info on doing the same for my android.

    If someone could give me some basic ideas what the hell i'm doing that would be awesome.....

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    google cdma workshop. look on unleashed prepaids or android forums to get a guide on how to do it. here is a guide i mde and now i am sesttingthe APns for straight talk and trying to activate it through them. there have been cricket users who have completed this task withh the conquer 4g check it out

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    I want to flash this model. Previous company Sprint but I want to flash from sprint to Boost Mobile. Do I need to have the Boost Mobil number first

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