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Thread: T-Mobile Sales tell you anything, company does not seem to care about service

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    T-Mobile Sales tell you anything, company does not seem to care about service

    Earlier this year I purchased a Sonic T-Mobile Hot spot 10Gb plan, I don't really like contracts, but the only way to get a 10Gb plan was with a 2 year contract. I ended up purchasing it on-line through Tiger Direct, but spoke with several T-Mobile employees before I did. I was led to believe that T-Mobile and ATT were on the verge of a merger and very shortly, I would get ATT's 4G at my home that was showing on the T-Mobile map as 2G.

    Well I did buy it, and when I try to use it in my house, I don't get any signal at all, perpetual No Service, if I go outside, I'm lucky to get 1 bar on a 2G signal which is pretty much a total waste of time. Well the merger failed, but I've ridden it out for 8 months thinking soon they would upgrade. I ended up buying DSL from ATT at my house since the hot spot was a total and complete failure. I pretty much only use it away from home, when it does connect, service is fair at best, about once an hour, the Sonic Hot spot indicates a decent signal 4G signal, but the laptop shows no Internet. I have to power cycle the hot spot to get it to connect.

    So last week, I decided I've had enough and was tired of waiting for T-Mobile to update their service, and was told when I called in to write this up, send proof of address to a fax number and request to be let out of my contract with out an early termination fee. This is a hot spot, not an $800 dollar iPhone, and I'm more than willing to give back the hot spot but $200 is unreasonable.

    So they tell me "No" "Please be advised, T-Mobile is unable to guarantee coverage in all locations and provides coverage maps on our web site which include street level approximations of coverage" Really? And by the way, your payment of $79.99 is due on October 13th! so they sell service but they don't want you to actually get it and refuse to stand behind it.

    Why does this company want to drive a customer totally away for-ever? If I leave with an I tried it attitude, they didn't have service where I lived, so they let me out of it, I may come back some day, or at least recommend them to someone. Right now, I will never come back, and will tell everyone I know about this experience. Why does T-Mobile think that is good for anyone! I have not decided yet, but if I do decide to cut my losses and pay the termination fee, I will post about my experience everywhere and I will never come back.

    Last time I called they wanted me to sign a new contract and get a home booster for free and I would get the same signal in the house that I get outside, really, 1 bar coming and going with 2G. Its really hard to trust their sales people, these are the same one that assured me very soon, I'd have ATT 4g signal. My daughter has an ATT iPhone and gets 3 bars of 4G in our house.

    Anyone else having these types of issues?

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    "Maps approximate anticipated coverage outdoors, based on a variety of factors, and do not guarantee service availability."

    It took me but a whole 30 seconds to find that on the coverage check page at All cellphone companies are the same way. I can't believe you made your final decision based on a pending merger. I would take this as a lesson learned. And, when you tell everyone you know about how God awful tmobile is, why don't you tell them the whole story instead of just your side. smh

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