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Thread: Motorola Droid Razr M - High-Speed?

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    Motorola Droid Razr M - High-Speed?

    I'm looking at buying a Razr M, but am having trouble sorting out the technologies.

    I know the Razr M has both a CDMA and GSM radio, and the GSM is turned on with ICS. I also know that for 3G TMo uses the nonstandard freqs of 1700 & 1900 MHz, so in the Olden Days I'd only get 2G with this phone as it uses standard AWS freqs like AT&T.

    But I also know that TMobile has been doing all it can to become compatible with the iPhone, since it's lost over 700,000 subscribers to the iPhone, and Apple isn't too interested in TMo because it's not ginormous.

    So will the new 1900 MHz HSPA+ work with this phone?

    It seems that the phone has 700 MHz LTE, but I don't know whether that's a, b, or c. Any idea whether this pnone will do LTE when it's turned on?

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    Alright. Nobody knows.

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    So you're saying you want to try a Verizon Razr M on T-Mobile? Yeah you'll probably only get HSPA in refarmed areas.

    Alternatives: Razr V from Wind Mobile Canada, or Atrix HD from AT&T.

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