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Thread: Assumption of Liability

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    Assumption of Liability

    Am a bit late into the smartphone world but am taking the plunge. Assuming i can get the unlimited data im after. From my understanding the only way with verizon to do this is to take over an existing line with an assumption of liability. Are there any stipulations on the line your taking over? A minimum time thats left in the contract? Ideally it be nice to transfer in a line that is already out of contract or within the last month or two is that possible? I plan on adding it to our family plan as a 9.99 line and hope to retain the unlimited data for 29.99. Still need to figure out how to get my existing number onto that line. I have read about porting your number out to prepaid and porting back in to take over the number of the line that was added.

    Any help from anyone that has gone through this process would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can assume a line that is still in contract and keep the unlimited data. You can then merge the line in with your existing family plan.

    If you want to place an existing Verizon number on that line, you can port out for 60 days (I'm pretty sure this is the minimum time) and port back in. The port out will automatically terminate the line whose number is being ported–there is no way around this. So there will be an ETF on that line if it's still under contract.

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