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Thread: Any way to unlock iPhone 4 without Rogers help?

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    Any way to unlock iPhone 4 without Rogers help?

    I have heard mixed info regarding how to unlock a iPhone 4 (OS 5.0.1)... Do I need to pay $50 to Rogers for this or is there another simple way?

    Bonus points if you can find a link to a site that soberly explains the process without it feeling like they just want me to buy their software (i.e. a review from a tech blog). I have googled this, and was not happy with results, and thought I'd see if anyone knew here.

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    If you have bought phone outright and not on contract easiest is through Rogers @ $50 fee.

    2nd easiest
    If on contract, ask to pay off remainder of phone/contract and then pay the $50 ontop.

    The 1st 2 solutions yeild best results, as phone is officially unlocked and can take any firmware update and be UNLOCKED!

    3rd easiest,
    if running older firmware on modem you can buy a geevy sim for $25 to unlock, but if you take new firmware you are locked out. And wait for new Geevy and then buy at a premium at $50.

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