So, is Primus wireless still worse than anybody else?
The threads here are all ca.2008. A lot has changed since then.

Has anybody got recent experience, especially with roaming?

I'm examining cheapskate wireless options. I currently use PC Mobile pre-paid, which is limited to Canada. They no longer allow roaming even into the US, which is pathetic. The phone I have (Nokia 7230) will display all the networks available (four different providers in Marseille, France), but it is locked down. Again, pathetic. They could make a bundle off excessive roaming charges as long as they warned me about them and I clicked "OK", couldn't they?

So I got a dirt cheap AT&T GO burner phone at Best Buy for travel in the US. It works in Canada, the US, and Mexico, but nowhere else. Again, no reason except AT&T wants your business in a more profitable plan than pre-paid. It is so locked down that it wouldn't even show the networks in France.

I'm using Primus for landline phone and internet and it has worked out well for me. I know other people have had lousy experiences with customer service, but I haven't.

Primus wireless has a couples plan ($35/month for two phones) that would satisfy my needs (ie low usage, mostly between the two phones, and the occasional international trip).