I have had my Xperia Pro for about 9 months now, and since upgrading to ICS I have noticed a problem. I carry my phone in my front pocket all the time. When I am working, my phone will unlock and open up all kinds of apps. After a little research I realized it may be the swipe down notifications that is causing the problem. I'm not sure why SE allows the notifications area to be accessed if the phone has not been unlocked. (currently, I press the home button and I can either swipe side to side to unlock, or I can swipe down for the Notifications area)

If I have new messages, emails or appointment reminders in my notifications area, it takes very little downward swiping motion to open. Once its opened, a press on any of these reminders will open the app and from there press of the Back button takes me to an unlocked home screen. (the other day I had a bunch of stuff running that I never opened)

This has become a big problem recently. I need to find a way to fix this, or I may be looking for a new phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.