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Thread: moto defy/defy xt/sony xperia go (advance?)???

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    moto defy/defy xt/sony xperia go (advance?)???


    I currently have a motorola defy and am very happy with it. I love the form factor, and the features available from the wonderful cm7.2. The only problem, is i have fixed the earpiece once, and it is starting to act up again (about 10 months later).

    I'm thinking of getting a new phone just because i'm paranoid about my phone conking out at an inopportune time.

    especially with all the cm10 work being done, i'm pretty keen on staying w/ the defy. But, i like the features of the defy xt, but am not sure if it will get much attention from cm10 devs? the xperia go also is appealing, but seems like a bit of a step down considering it doesn't have a front camera, and is a smaller screen than the defy. it IS supposed to get ICS, but who knows about JB? I also don't know about the cm10 prospects either.

    I love cm7, but i feel if i get a new phone, it should at least have stock ics if not JB.

    Oh yeah, I am currently on T-mobile USA. Do the xperia go or the deft xt even work on t-mobile?


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    Moto Defy/Defy XT/Sony Xperia Go (Advance?)???

    What did you end up getting?

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