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Thread: AT&T ZTE F160 for use on T-Mobile

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    AT&T ZTE F160 for use on T-Mobile

    I have a relatively mint condition AT&T ZTE F160 (see:

    Its a basic bar phone and its working on T-Mobile. I had the phone unlocked by AT&T and it works well for voice. Is there a way to get more use out of the phone by being able to access the internet and access email thru the default phone apps? Seems like basic phones are tougher to configure. The phone is by default trying to use AT&T data resources (APN) and not T-Mobiles. There doesnt seem to be a way to delete old APN or change a default APN - seems difficult to configure and get the phone to use new default settings.

    Any thoughts or ideas? Would be nice if this phone was not just good for voice services now that I'm using it on T-Mobile as a back-up phone. Thanks.

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    yes, it works fine!
    I unlocked and using for long time for my prepaid account

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