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Thread: FRAUD? Seller tjansen & Samsung GS3

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    Exclamation FRAUD? Seller tjansen & Samsung GS3


    I paid this seller for the item in the GSM section:
    Samsung Galaxy S 3 International - Factory Unlocked
    the seller is tjansen.

    I PM'd the seller and he said he'd let the phone go for $450.

    However the seller tjansen only has one feedback and is from an account with a similar name: mojanson
    That buyers account was also made the same day that he received that feedback.

    I am concerned that this is a scam and was wondering if theres any way to see if these two accounts are the same person?

    When I sent payment, I opened a dispute on PP and he responded a few hours later saying:

    "It's not a scam and I am simply a new user. I'll refund you the money, sorry for any trouble. Next time try sending me a message to cancel the order and I'll refund your money. No need for a dispute..."

    He did refund my money. Based on this, I later contacted him saying I would try the purchase again and resent the payment.

    Based on PP withdrawal, it would take him 3-5 business days to complete withdrawal and I am considering if I should file a dispute again or trust the seller.

    If it is possible to check if the users "tjansen" and "mojanson" are the same person, it would greatly help me.

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    tjansen is indeed a scammer, we found multiple username under his same IP. mojanson has a different IP, but 0 post and just joined 10 days ago, obvious it is another account of him trying to build up reputation. I banned both of them and requested an IP ban for tjansen

    You did the right job by file a dispute, but would be best to contact a moderator first to run a backgound check before sending the money.

    Let's hope the money goes back to you and be very careful on your next online transaction.

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