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Thread: Comcast Doubles Speeds of Two Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers at No Additional Cost

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    Comcast Doubles Speeds of Two Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers at No Additional Cost

    Comcast doubles broadband speeds 'in certain markets,' launches 305Mbps Xfinity Platinum service

    Comcast has just done the deed -- following a rumor on the matter, it's launching 305Mbps (down) / 65Mbps (up) Xfinity Platinum internet service in the highly populated Northeast division of the United States. For those who've been around a while, you may remember a time where one would weep upon finding out that Verizon's FiOS simply wasn't available at a desired location. Now, however, Comcast is doing its darnedest to rival fiber-to-the-home options with blisteringly fast cable service.

    In addition to its new flagship tier, the provider is also doubling the speeds of two of its existing internet speed tiers in certain markets at no additional cost. Specifically, Xfinity Blast! customers will now get download speeds of up to 50Mbps (formerly 25 Mbps), and Extreme 50 customers will now receive speeds of up to 105Mbps (formerly 50 Mbps). According to GigaOM, the ultra-desirable Platinum service will ring up at $300 per month, which is a full $90 more than Verizon's own 300Mbps FiOS option. Of course, this probably means that you'll hit your monthly cap a heck of a lot faster, but hey -- at least you'll get bragging rights.

    For $300, people in the Northeast, presumably in areas where Comcast competes with Verizon’s fiber to-the-home offering, can soon get 305 Mbps service from Comcast. Upload speeds will be 65 Mbps. The nation’s largest broadband provider unveiled its rumored “Platinum” tier on Tuesday, and also said it would double the speeds of its 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps customers at no charge.

    The service is an answer to rival Verizon, which offers a 300 Mbps speed tier for $210. The pricing on Comcast’s premium tier is high, but it’s the lower tiers where Verizon might feel the heat. Currently Verizon charges about $75 for 50 Mbps service, according to a search of its website with a Philadelphia address, while Comcast’s 25 Mbps tier now would cost roughly $30 according to its Philadelphia pricing. Both prices are introductory and involve a contract.

    Comcast is launching the broadband enhancements and offerings in markets including Boston, Hartford, Conn., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Pa., Wilmington, Del., Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, Va., and New Jersey. And yes, at 305 Mbps you will be able to reach your broadband cap that much faster if Comcast elects to keep it at 300 Mbps and in place at all speed tiers.

    Update: Comcast got back to me on prices that I didn’t snag off its web site and they are markedly different. Spokesman Charlie Douglas wrote:

    "We’re doubling the speed of the Blast tier from 25 to 50 Mbps and the price does not change. It is $58.95/month multi-product or $72.95/month standalone. We’re also (more than) doubling Extreme 50 from 50 Mbps to 105 Mbps and the price also does not change. It is $99.95/mo multi-product or $114.95/month standalone (prices may vary by market)."

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    Yes it has been conformed that the speed has been increased for both Blast and Extreme internet packs but the price seems to be the same for the moment. New subscribers for high-speed Internet with Comcast qualify for special pricing offers. If you are a new subscriber, look for introductory Internet package deals and offers, new Comcast subscribers get lower prices for the first six months.

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