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Thread: What to expect working for Sprint and hiring process?

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    What to expect working for Sprint and hiring process?

    Hey everyone, I applied for Sprint at a corporate store as a retail sales consultant and have done the background and drug test, now I am just waiting for all that to come through. On my status online it says *under consideration*, but my manager said I am his primary candidate and if everything goes through I am good. Does that mean I am unofficially hired?

    As far as being a Sprint employee, how long until I get an employee line? And can I get an iPhone on an employee line as well and a tablet, and do I have to pay full retail for the phone and tablet?

    What should I expect working for Sprint vs. working for a dealer for AT&T?


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    Im not sure of Sprint's hiring practice but if you already took a drug test and background check it sounds they're planing on hiring you if all comes clear. Why else would they spend money on a background on drug tests?

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