Thank you in advance for reading my query,

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find an adapter tip/connector tip that will connect from an 3.5mm or 2.5mm charging port on an emergency radio to the charger jack on the utstarcom 8630. The emergency radio has several connector tips for various radios but NONE of them fit into the charger port of the UTstarcom 8630. I have been unsucessfully in locating such a connector tip even after--calling audiovox, the manufacturer of the radio, as well as searches on Google, ebay, and amazon.
My elderly parents use this phone. And when there is a power outage, they could power the phone from the emergency radio or a special charging flashlight they have; however, to do this all they need is an adapter tip/connector tip.
I would like to know--does anyone know of such a connector tip I could buy?
2. If such a connector tip doesn't exist, could someone identify the charging port in terms of its mechanical name such as 9 pin port or 8 pin connector port. So I could search for the connector tip using the generic name for the port such as adapter tip for 8pin charging jack. My guess is lots of other phones use this port, so if I could just identify what type of port this is, it would help. I have uploaded pictures of the charging port/jack as well as a photo of the charger tip.
Any help in identifying what type of port/jack this is would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
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