I owned a wireless store for about 9 years and recently closed my store and got into mobile applications.

I really could have benefited from having my own App to battle against the carrier. Just the push notifications for getting rid of ageing accessories alone makes it worth it.

Most of the bigger chains have their own apps but the price points make having one for the smaller guys (even 1 store shops like mine) do able.

Typically the App will have GPS directions to the store, tie in to your web and Facebook, "invite a friend", contact us, schedule an appointment (wouldn't that be great last week of December!) etc.

I always had difficulty getting the word out when Verizon waived act fees or had some other promo going. The push notifications can help you with that a lot. More so than Facebook because people get really sick of Facebook notifications.

Anyway, pm me if you are interested. I can call you at your convenience.

Thanks, Bob