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Thread: 4G WiMAX Coverage 49 States

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    Exclamation 4G WiMAX Coverage 49 States

    Just an FYI and reminder when wanting to check for 4G coverage, best to refer to Clear's coverage map for all 4G WiMAX tower sites. Not all 4G tower sites are referenced on Sprint, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile websites. This is because Clearwire has some smaller Cities and Towns covered with "Protection Sites" which are in place to protect their spectrum licenses. These offer minimum service coverage but are better than nothing, something to keep in mind. Every lower 48 State has some 4G WiMAX coverage.

    "WiMAX Network to Operate Through at Least 2015" - Sprint's statement on the matter.

    Reference: Sprint Newsroom | Sprint and Clearwire Announce New Agreements
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    Wow this map shows spotty service in prime areas of NYC even.

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