I was using an Orange pay as you go sim on an Orange phone. The package was Dolphin, so if it was topped up by £10 you would get £10 credit and 100MB of data for 30 days.

One month I didn't top up since I had plenty of credit left, within a few days all that credit had disappeared, I rang up and was told to turn of Data Roaming to stop it from happening again, so I did. A few months later it happened again, upon contacting them, through the course of two and a half hours worth of calls, I was repetitively told that I had obviously been using the phone myself. On the one occasion I was put through to the technical department I was told that this was clearly something automated since in the logs it was all 9KB and 18KB transfers almost hourly, 24 hours a day... until my credit ran out (basically £1 a day (even though it is a minimum of 65p for any data usage)).

This is an operating system customised by Orange on an Orange own brand phone. In it's default setting as sold by Orange this will happen, whether you are pay as you go or contract.

I got so offended by being told that I had been using the phone and that it wasn't one of the default installed daemon services that I asked for a PAC so I could transfer my number to a different network. I have since been told by their legal department that at that point all my call logs and data were deleted so they have no records what so ever to confirm or deny the usage, but I am supposedly still in the wrong even though they have deleted all evidence.

I have since transferred to Tesco Mobile which is not only much much cheaper, but they have the option of capping your phone so that if your credit on one area runs out it will not consume all it can.

Can anyone provide me with any legal advice on this or similar matters, or details / stories of other grievance's with Orange?

This is just the start of what looks to be a legal quagmire, soon i'll be arranging a petition and liaising with various regulatory bodies and the BBC's Watchdog program, so if you want to be kept informed or correspond confidentially then you can email us at using PM here.