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Thread: Sprint's FDT System - Constant Kick Outs

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    Sprint's FDT System - Constant Kick Outs

    Hi All,

    I handle the IT dept for a small company of about 25 employees. Half of our employees use Sprints FDT application to process orders, swaps, upgrades and so on. Everyday I receive an email from users here being kicked out of FDT in the middle of an order. I have contacted Sprint and the Security team for troubleshooting help. They have issued new certificates, I have rebuilt machines for the new certificates and still the end user is having issues. I have Sprints security team log in to our systems that have had issues and they do the basic troubleshooting steps that can be found on Sprints site.

    I would like to know if anyone has had any luck with FDT and what they did different to get it steady and working without issues everyday.

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    I only use FDT for just doing some inventory tracking and equipment pricing on large accounts, but can't say I have an issue. This is on either a pentium dual core w/ 2 GB of ram and a Core 2 Duo w/ 4 GB of ram. Both on windows 7

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