Now we have root access to some of these keitai Android phones: 003SH, 005SH and 007SH. That means the possibility of installing, in a near future (and if developers want to make it possible) custom roms. Among these roms, there are the Cyanogen roms. This ones will soon get an update to make the phone 100% faster. Yep, you read it correctly. Future cyanogen roms will get Linaro implementations to give a incredible boost of the performance of the Android phones. For more detailed information you can click this link:

and watch this video:

now THAT'S what I wanted to see. We don't need like 8 millon cores processor in a phone: if the operative system is well done and optimized, then it should run very fast with any average hardware of these days. There's no doubt that this improvement will come to known phones, such as Galaxy S2, but let's hope that it also comes to these android keitai "rare" models (007SH, etc)