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Thread: Completely new to smartphones and most of tech stuff

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    Completely new to smartphones and most of tech stuff

    Ok, I admit it I may be too old for this stuff. My Grandson set up my HTC Thunderbolt including passwords and sign ins and I am lost. When trying to download an app, wallpaper or widget on google I am asked for my email address (is this my computer email address or my gmail address, which I have never used), user name and or password. I have some guesses as to some of these answers but not really sure. He is overseas and can not ask my. How do I restart the sign in process for google.

    Thanks for you patience

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    to restart the sign in process do these steps:

    1. go to your settings app (go to the screen that shows all of your apps and go to the app that is titled settings.)

    2. Scroll down the list and select the option that says: Accounts and sync.

    3. Type in your GMAIL address and password (no other e-mail adress will work.)

    4. You should now be signed in and able to download apps.

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