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Thread: What's the best phone available with a keyboard? My Touch 4g Slide?

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    What's the best phone available with a keyboard? My Touch 4g Slide?

    I was considering getting the My Touch 4g slide. It seems to be the best T-Mobile phone available with a slide out keyboard. However, it has been out for 11 months. I'm worried that the minute I get it, they will come out with something new.

    Also, I see that it runs Gingerbread 2.3 and they are already upgrading phones to Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0. This phone is not listed as a phone that will be upgraded. Are there any phones with a front facing camera, a slide out keyboard, and ice cream sandwhich that are or will become available for T-mobile?

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    I think the MT4G Slide is about the best you will ever get. It has the same internals as the HTC Sensation, but with a smaller screen. The same dual core processor, 768 MB of RAM, and awesome Adreno 220 GPU. Even if the MT4G Slide doesn't get an official ICS update (as is planned for the Sensation) you can still put ICS on it. In fact a lot of people already have ICS installed on their phones.

    Phone companies are moving away from hardware keyboards and in a few years you won't be able to get one at all. I think you should consider getting used to software keyboards since that will become the standard pretty soon. Without a hardware keyboard you can have a thinner phone, larger screen, more durability, lower cost, and so on. Lots of benefits and the only drawback is you have to type on the screen.

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    I don't have any comments on phones with a slide out keyboard, but I used to really like it on my Wing(wow that was a long time ago) and I've always hated typing on a screen. Even with haptic feedback, I just hate it. Anyway, swype changes things. It you have the chance to play around with Swype, you might like it. I just cannot type by tapping anymore on a touchscreen. It' so much faster to swype.

    Otherwise, I wish you luck. Have you considered getting a phone that doesn't come with a keyboard and getting a tiny bluetooth one?

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