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Thread: Mark Linde ([email protected]) has scammed me for $450.

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    Mark Linde ([email protected]) has scammed me for $450.


    A user named Linde has just scammed me for $450.

    I recently bought an iPhone 4s from him* which was sale here on howardforums. I have asked for proofs of ownership such as taking a picture with the phone box with his username on it, and he had provided.

    After seeing proof I sent him the money as he seemed legit and well reputable member here. I sent the money through email interac. I wish I could have used Paypal as it provides better buyer protection compared to interac.

    He emailed me on the day the money was sent, and he told me the phone was shipped and I would receive it yesterday. I asked for tracking number and he made excuses that he forgot the receipt in his "friend" car. Also made excuses that he replied late to my emails due to lost of his wallet and phone, really? On the day I sent you the money all these things happen?

    He has been ignoring me for the past 5 days now. No reply whatsoever. I also see he stopped coming on howardforums.

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    It seems like he is active selling few cellphones in the forum recently which is not a good sign. I removed his threads to archive and banned him.

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    I'm sorry you got scammed by this person. I was interested in his Bold 9900 but things just didn't feel right so I held off. Then I noticed the listing was gone. I went into my private messages and clicked on his username and discovered he had been banned. I contacted him via email and asked if the 9900 was still for sale as the ad was gone. He replied last night he sold that one but had another brand new one for sale and could ship it to me today (Victoria Day - everything is closed). I knew for sure something was wrong after him being banned but just found this thread. He is still trying to scam. I am so sorry you got taken advantage of.

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    Sorry about getting scammed. I have been watching this guy and I'm pretty sure it is the same guy (under a different username) that I got scammed by, Chris_nvwssv. Same location, same ads (Bold 9900 and iPhones).
    The Chris guy I got scammed by apparently sold a phone to Linde, and told me to feel free to contact him for feedback.
    These low life pieces of crap need to be smashed by the Karma train!!!

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    He scammed me too on 19th may ..I sent him $450 for iPhone 4s via PayPal...he confirms that he got money and will ship within 1-2 day and he passed a whole week...after that I filed a claim with PayPal and claim goes in my favor.
    Op really felling bad for u.

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