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Thread: Super newbie question regarding answering the phone

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    Super newbie question regarding answering the phone

    OK, I just got my first smartphone, the incredible 2, last week. I've barely gotten into learning all it has to offer. Today though, I experienced my first problem.

    It was in my pocket, it rang. I reached into my pocket and obviously hit some random button on the screen although I have no idea which button. Put the phone up to my ear and I could hear the person talking but they couldn't hear me. All I could do was hang up and hope they called back.

    I don't like that the phone "wakes up" when the phone rings, especially considering it's going to be in my pocket and I can see this happening to me all the time (pressing some random button while reaching for it).

    Is there some way to make the screen not wake up when the phone rings? How does everyone else handle this?

    Sorry, I told you I was totally new!

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    Just choose a screen lock.

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