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Thread: Third Party Indirects - Flip Flopping

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    Third Party Indirects - Flip Flopping

    Working at a Third Party Indirect store location we are told that if we do a flip flop we will loose the commission but this information is from our Corp location. I have a mate who works at another location that is allowed to Flip Flop and he still receives his commission on them. What are your views?

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    I work at a preferred retailer and we still get our commissions on flip-flops. Not sure if there's a logistics/agreement issue based on your parent company, but I've always gotten paid out on flip-flips; be it new acts, or upgrades.

    On SprintRewardsMe, however, if you don't enter the PTN of the line it finalizes on, you may not be rewarded the bonus, but I've also been denied the bonus cash either way, so that's up in the air.

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