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Thread: Bman79 - Return Scammer

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    Bman79 - Return Scammer

    I sent this guy some money for an iPhone 4s that was unlocked. The next day I saw he was banned from the forum. I just want to know why he was banned so I know if I was scammed or not. According to PayPal, he sent my package out, but that really doesn't mean anything.

    Thanks for helping me out.


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    Sorry to say, but you have been scammed.

    He is banned for having multiple ID and return scammer.

    Brand new user registered to the forums and post an iphone for sale for below average cost?

    File a dispute with PP right away.

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    I fell for the same trick. Sent multiple emails with the guy over the course of a day or so and received pictures. Never received shipping info. I filed a dispute with PP.

    First time I've ever been scammed. Feels terrible haha.

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    I hope there will be your last time to get scammed.
    The trick is very obvious, new seller, no or low feedback, selling a phone way below market price.

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