Okay, so my P-04B has an INEX version 2.9 with an AT&T Pay as you go SIM card. So far I get both incoming/outgoing calls and receive texts, but I can't send texts.

Only time it will work is when I go to the SMS center number and re-input the same number, hit international, restart the phone, then it will work.....Only once. After that I'd have to do the same thing, but that's to troublesome. It says "Transmission Failed".

Anyways I've tried using my old phone for texting a while, and then I put it the SIM back in my Panasonic and still does the same thing. Anybody have any ideas for me to try, besides getting a new hypersim. I've been messing around with the settings a lot. I don't know if it works in 3G mode, but I don't even want to try. I don't want to switch to 3G mode just to text anyways, if I cant make calls.

Should I try to software update my phone?

Any ideas appreciated.

Edit: By the way, I've read many threads that have to do with the similar problem, but most of them either don't apply to me, or have no solution. Since it's been a year or two now, I figure someone might know.