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Thread: Galaxy S2 ATT or skyrocket i727 ?

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    Galaxy S2 ATT or skyrocket i727 ?


    going to join AT&T

    which one is better (especially now)

    1.Phone speed speed (no lte here) 3.Camera 4.responsiveness 5.battery life etc

    Please help me choose


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    I ended up getting the S2 because the AT&T 4G is currently only in Texas. The S2 was much cheeper, and by the time 4G hits the west coast, my 2 year contract will be up and I will look at what 4G phones are on the market then.
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    Actually, at&t 4g is in over 30 major areas throughout the country, including areas on both coasts, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston.

    However, availability of LTE is not the primary reason to get the SkyRocket over the regular GS2. the Skyrocket has a larger screen, and seemed to perform smoother and faster for me. I have owned both, and definitely preferred the SkyRocket. But, when it comes right down to it, the Galaxy Note blows them both away!

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